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Let me first say that I am not being paid in any way to say great things about Unique Products and their team.  I have owned every piece of their equipment and still use 2 taper shapers, one cue maker Lathe, a cue companion repair lathe, and a single axis CNC machine.  Jim Sickles is one of the best if not the best customer service person I have ever had to interface with.  He answers the phone, calls you back and helps you in great detail when needed.  I cant say enough good things about Jim and his ability to help me when I need the help, thank you.  Now, the equipment.....It is top notch, made specifically to do things that we as cue makers and repair persons need it to do.  The Taper shapers are the work horses of my shop, if they are not cutting wood everyday that I am in the shop, I'm losing money.  the tip shaper on the repair lathe is one of the most convenient tools I have ever used to shape a tip with precision.  I also have the Leather wrap fixture.....I have showed my 14 year old grandson how to do the wraps, and the fixture allows him to do it accurately and repeatedly....same as with all the machines, I would not be where I am today as a cue builder if it were not for Unique Products.....Thank you all for what you have done to promote cue building and repair around the world.  

Bryan Covey  

BC Cues

As a cue maker, it's important to find the right machinery and support team to assist with your cue builds. Since the very beginning, Unique Products Inc has been a valuable partner in my cue building journey. Not only do they provide high quality equipment and components for cue makers, they answer calls and provide support when needed. I thank Jim and Bryan for all they do!

Mark Lund - Cue Maker

Lund Custom Cues

I have been doing business with Jim at Unique products for years. I have never had a problem that he did not take the  time and help me with. if you are interested in making Cues are doing repair work, he has everything you need and a real pleasure to deal with.

Gary Johnson 

Garys custom cues

PS...your motors are by far the best I have come across.  They are smooth, have plenty of torque, and the reversing and variable speed options are awesome.  Matter of fact, I have purchased this one to replace a motor on an existing lathe I have.
I can't say it enough.  You guys definitely have the best products (cleaners, wraps, tips, and machinery) I have found.  I talk about your stuff all of the time with my peers.  They all tell me that your stuff is expensive...but I keep telling them that you always get what you pay for.  I have been so impressed with the research and effort you put into your products...they definitely have all of the aspects that a cue guy could ask for.  They work, work well, are easy to use, and durable. I have put my shop companion through its paces so far, and it is still going strong.  It may have some glue, finish, and cleaner on it, but works just as well as it did the first day I got it.  I am so glad I found you guys and your products.  Keep up the good work.  It is the time and effort that you guys put into this industry and its products that make cue building and repair a joy and easy to provide quality results.
Believe me, once my cue repair / building business starts to be profitable, I am going to fill my shop with more of your equipment.
Have a great day!!

Unique Products is quite simply the best of the best in the cue making equipment industry.  If the equipment and products don't jump out and speak for themselves the customer service offered after the sale will.  Bryan and Jim are never read more...


I installed my 1st leather wrap last night.  Let me be clear - this is my 1st leather wrap, not just my 1st wrap with your Wrap Magic Fixture.  It turned out absolutely perfect.  As a novice in the leather wrap world I understand my perception may be limited but I still think the wrap is flawless.  No gaps, perfect seam, both ends butt up firmly and there were no errors cutting the leather.  I can't say I am fond of the choice of leather on the cue but it wasn't my cue or my decision.  So, for the owner it will be beautiful.

Thank you for your help and making a great product.
Brad Rees


I bought my first Unique Cue Companion about 2 1/2 years ago to replace tips, ferrules, and do minor repair work.  However the cuemaking bug bit hard and has held on strong. 

Over the last few years I have purchased:

Hey, Bryan and Jimmy it has been almost one year to date that I purchased the Taper Shaper from your company, the reason I am writing this letter is that you can tell all who want to get into the Cue Making trade that this machine is for real.  read more...


I'm very happy with the three machines I pick up off of unique products.For starters they are on top of it for customer service,Jimmy, Bryan and the gang.  read more...

Unique Products, Inc.
3129 25th St. #215
Columbus, In 47203

(812) 376-8887